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Overload Clutches
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Cross Safegard Overload Clutches 

The Safegard series of overload clutches were developed to provide overload protection of high torque values with a compact unit. Directly interchangeable with other units in the market, this series offers low cost precision with minimal maintenance for a long reliable service life.
Safegard clutches are in two basic series, the Standard series, for optimum speed and torque, and the Mini series, for lower cost option on slower speed drives. Both series are also available as shaft couplings.
cross safegard overload clutch
Four options of operation are available.
1. The basic Safegard CSF design, using ball driving system for high speed, non synchronous applications.
2. The Synchron CSY design, with roller drive for lower speed synchronous applications.
3. The Safe Lift CSL, also with roller drive, but remaining in constant drive, only indicating overload by axial movement onto the limit switch.
4. The Safebreak CSZ design where the unit is held on totally free running condition after overload and requires manual re-engaging.

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Series CZ/CN Zero Backlash Safegard Overload Clutches  

Zero backlash Overload Clutches and Couplings, series CZ available in 8 different basic types and 12 basic sizes, for shaft diameters from 8mm to 60mm; providing overload protection for torque values from 5Nm to 740Nm.

The CZ series Safegard overload clutches were developed to provide a totally backlash free transmission of power with a very responsive overload protection. These compact units are directly interchangeable with existing designs in the market providing a cost advantage with long reliable service life.
series cz safegard overload clutch
Two basic modes of operation are available:
1. The basic CZF Safeguard ratchetting design with the driving balls equally spaced so that the clutch can re-engage after a small angle of rotation
2. The Synchron CZY design with the balls unequally spaced so that the clutch can only re-engage after a full revolution so providing full synchronisation between driver and driven

Responsive overload reaction is obtained by the use of negative functioning disc springs to apply drive load. In the event of an overload the spring load actually decreases, allowing faster disengaging of the drive and minimal pressure on the driving surface in the disengaged mode.

CZ/CN Zero Backlash Safegard Overload Clutches PDF Catalogue

Series CP Safegard Pneumatically operated Overload Clutches  

CP Clutches are zero backlash units which provide remote accurate adjustment of the overload torque by air pressure adjustment. The torque can be constantly adjusted throughout a production cycle providing optimum machine protection. CP Overload Clutches can be integrated into complex control systems with substantial advantage in automatic machinery with continuous changes of operating conditions. A stop switch is integrated in the torque limiter detecting the axial movement of the unit in event of an overload, providing a signal to cut off the air feed, to disconnect the drive. When overloaded, the CP Clutch has no connection between drive and driven sides providing a long maintenance free service life. After the cause of the overload has been removed the clutch can be automatically re-engaged by resumming the air pressure. Standard finish on the clutches is black phosphate exterior, but can supply in Nickel plated.

CP Safegard Overload Clutches PDF Catalogue