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Inverted Tooth Drives
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inverted tooth chain Morse H-V high performance Inverted Tooth Chain

The modern design Morse H-V Inverted Tooth Chains provide the engineer a wide scope in the design of transmissions for high torques combined with high shaft speeds. Ranging from 3/8” to 2” pitch and from ½” to 16” width, the chains can run at shaft speeds up to 12000 rpm, and transmit powers up to 4000kW. Proved in many applications including Automotive Transmissions, Machine Tools, Test rigs, Turbine Drives, and Flood Control Pumps; the H-V chain offers many advantages over Gear, Roller Chain and Toothed Belt Drives, saving both cost and space required, and significantly reducing noise levels.

As well as supplying Chain and Sprockets, Cross and Morse offer a complete design and application service coupled with the manufacture and supply of complete enclosed drives.

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SC Standard Inverted Tooth Chain Drives

The American Standards Institute, more than 50 years ago, created a standard for Inverted Tooth Chains, to enable interchange between the different manufacturers at that time producing these chains. The SC Chain Standard covers chains from 3/16” to 2” pitch in widths up to 16 inches. We stock these standard Chains up to 1” pitch in our warehouse, for quick delivery; and manufacture Sprockets for both the standard Chains and also special configurations

The 3/16” pitch chain is also available in 304 stainless steel for use in food and pharmaceutical industries.

SC Inverted Tooth Chain PDF Catalogue
SC inverted tooth chain