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Shaft Clamping Elements
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Cross Shaft Clamping Elements provide the latest technology in drive connection.

Cross Shaft Clamping Elements, by means of frictional forces, provide connection of all types of transmission equipment to their respective shafts, enabling transmission of both torque and axial thrust loads. Precision tapered thrust cones within the clamping elements create high pressure between shaft and hub to securely fasten pulleys, sprockets, gears etc. Stresses in both hub and shaft are similar to heavy press fits, however, the actual stresses are easy to calculate; and the hub can always be easily dismantled without damage to it or the shaft; only a torque wrench being required for both assembly and disassembly.
Precision transmission of torque with no backlash is obtained with shaft clamping elements, without the need of tight manufacturing tolerances of mating components. Simplified designs can enable manufacturing cost reductions, coupled with easy assembly and disassembly.

Cross Shaft Clamping Elements provide an alternative method of connecting hubs to shafts to:-
Tapered Bushes
Hydraulic Clamping Systems
Fine-bored Hubs, with Precision keyways and Locking Setscrews
Heavy Press Fits
Welded Components
Clamping Elements RCK 10 to 12
clamping elements rck 11 These shaft clamping elements provide maximum torque transmission from a single unit, but, due to their large clamping surfaces clamping pressures are kept to reasonable levels. The design enables automatic centring between shaft and hub, and axial positioning of the hub does not change during clamping. Suitable for applications with high bending loads.

Clamping Elements RCK 10-12 PDF Catalogue
Clamping Elements RCK 13
clamping elements rck 13
These shaft clamping elements are very compact units capable of transmitting medium torques. Their design ensures good concentricity between hubs and shafts, without any other means of location. A slight axial movement between hub and shaft occurs during clamping. These units can be installed totally within the hub providing optimum safety, and minimal axial length.

Clamping Elements RCK 13 PDF Catalogue
Clamping Elements RCK 15
clamping elements rck 15
Designed for use with standardised ranges of pulleys, sprockets, and gears, the shaft clamping elements can accommodate a large range of shaft diameters with a hub of constant bore diameter. On clamping precise axial and radial positioning is provided, combined with medium torque transmission capability.

Clamping Elements RCK 15 PDF Catalogue

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